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.... Rationing into the 1950s


Scarcity during wartime led to the introduction of rationing for both food and clothing.... as described by Brian Smith in our "War Time Rationing and Diet" page). In fact, food scarcities continued beyond the war years... and, for a short time (between July 1946 and July 1948), even bread was added to the rationed food list!

The following scans have been kindly provided by Ian Johnson (Huddersfield) and they show a typical ration book for the period 1952/53...






As you can see below, the book included tea, meat, eggs, fats, cheese, bacon and sugar.....



These items were eventually de-rationed as follows....


Tea October 1952
Meat June 1954
Fats May 1954
Butter, Cheese, Margarine May 1954
Bacon June 1954
Sugar September 1953


Thus, a proper fried breakfast had to wait until the summer of 1954 before it was freed from the impact of Adolf Hitler!

Incidentally, you will notice that the book belonged to Ian's aunt, May Johnson. Many of you will recall that our Flood of '53 section includes a very touching poem penned by May.

Of course, ration books acted as a record of shopping preferences! We now know that May took her custom to Bartlett & Bisson for eggs.... Duffys (Harbour Street) for meat... and Johnson's "corner store" in Cromwell Road (opposite Westmeads School) for most things! 


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