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Whitstable at War - World War II

Effects of Bomb Blasts


Effects of Bomb Blast...


The effects of bomb blasts were sometimes unpredictable and gave rise to strange outcomes. In his book, Second Portrait of a Seaside Town (page 111), Doug West included a photo of the explosion in Warwick Road. He pointed out that, whilst two houses were destroyed, a nearby gas lamp remained in tact.. complete with glass.

My mother also heard a story that one of her friends survived the Victoria Street mine... but her clothes didn't. Much of her attire was ripped off leaving her embarrassed but largely unharmed in the wreckage.

Ian Johnson also relates a story of a strange occurrence....


This may be a bit of a myth, but maybe it will ring a bell with someone else.

My Dad told me that one house in the town was bombed at breakfast time one morning and, when the authorities came along to search in the debris and tend the injured or dead, they found in the middle of all the dust and debris a frying pan with a perfect complete cooked breakfast in it. It was almost untouched by any of the dust or debris and lying right on top of it all.

Ian Johnson


Luck Played a Hand...


Jackie Evans story of her grandparents escape from the Clare Road explosion demonstrates the extent to which luck played a part in survival. Many people have similar stories of narrow escapes....


As I have mentioned elsewhere, my parents married in Whitstable but my dad was based at a railway marshalling yard in London. They looked for accommodation "up the line" and located a suitable flat. However, although they could have moved in immediately, they delayed the decision while they "thought it over".

When they eventually revisited the property, it wasn't there anymore.... neither was the street.

Dave Taylor


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