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Whitstable at War - World War II

Summary of Major Bomb Attacks


From information supplied by our readers and a quick scurry through Doug West's book "The Second Portrait of a Seaside Town" (ISBN 0950856460), we know that explosions occurred in the following locations....


  1. The western corner of the old Boating Lake at West Beach
    (Note: The boating lake is now a housing development)
  2. The beach in front of Wave Crest 
    (Note: This is believed to have been a mine)
  3. The Bus Depot at the corner of Terry's Lane and Horsebridge Road
    (Note: Now part of the recent Horsebridge redevelopment)
  4. The rear of the shop at No. 5 High Street 
  5. The corner of Victoria and Regent Streets (Note: This was a mine. The land is now a car park)
  6. The rear of houses in Regent Street
    (Note: Houses were rebuilt)
  7. Nos 3 and 5 Warwick Road
    (Note: Site was redeveloped)
  8. Acton Road
  9. The corner of Diamond and Reservoir Roads
    (Note: Houses were rebuilt)
  10. 85 Clare Road
    (Note: Houses were rebuilt)
  11. Northwood Garage, Northwood Road
    (This was part of the Fitts Motor Group and served as a body repair shop. It is now a residential development called Mariners Lee)
  12. London's Fields at the rear of Seymour Avenue. (Note: This is believed to have been a V2 rocket and the site is now occupied by All Saints Close)
  13. Bartlett's Corner (Church Street) 
    (Note: The bomb site is now the entrance to the current day Bridewell Park from Ham Shades Lane)
  14. The eastern end of Ham Shades Lane
    (Note: Site was redeveloped)
  15. Bell's greenhouse enterprise on the west side of South Street opposite Rayham Road. 
    (Note: This was a V1 attack)
  16. Newton Road, Tankerton
  17. Swalecliffe Road
  18. Land behind Joy lane
    (Note: This is believed to have been a mine)
  19. Denstroude Cottage, Denstroude Lane.
    (Note: This was a V1 attack)


We will update this list as more information arrives. The point to remember here is that the strikes occurred over a wide time span rather than being the result of any intensive attack. 


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