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Peace in Our Time


Finally... "Peace in Our Time"....


Everyone who came through the dark years of war can recall where they were when the conflict ended.... 


One afternoon a group of us were sent from Oxford Street Boys School to Radfall on our bikes to fetch beansticks from Ed Lees. We walked back wheeling the bundles. 

This occasion is well remembered as it was on our return journey that we heard that the war was over. 

John Harman (Canada)


A relieved population were eventually able to celebrate peace and most recall what they were doing on VE Day....


Do you remember the huge VE bonfire that was assembled by the allotments opposite 18 West Cliff? I recall that we spent weeks gathering wood and there was great excitement since bonfires of that size were not possible during the war.

Geoff Kemp
Washington DC


Some celebrations got a tad out of hand.....


During V.E. Day celebrations, beach huts were tipped down Tankerton Slopes and later put on a bonfire despite loudspeaker appeals for calm.

Brian Smith 


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