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Whitstable at War - World War II

... Whitstable Remembers


A Time to Remember....


Many of us grew up in the aftermath of World war II with stark remnants of conflict all around us. Gradually, Whitstable has moved on and those reminders have disappeared amidst the progress. 

However, for some the cost was measured in human life and for them Whitstable reserves a special corner and special moments that we hope will never disappear.... 



The Cenotaph, Oxford Street, Whitstable



Whitstable was a strange window on a wider world... seeing part of individual events but not always the entire picture or all the reasoning  s behind it. Like anyone peeking through the curtains, the view gave reason for discussion, interpretation, theory and folklore. Occasionally, an unwelcome guest would call. Sometimes loved ones would go out to take part in that outer world. Sometimes they weren't able to return. Is that perhaps the real summary of Whitstable at War? 

We cannot afford to forget.... because it is those who lived through it and those who paid the ultimate price who earned the right for our small community to be free.... along with all the other free communities of Britain.     

I can only express my own view... but, to me, World War II was one war that was both "just" and perhaps inevitable given the rise and ambitions of Nazism. However, war is not something that should ever be entered into lightly. In that respect, understanding the past can help us make the right decisions in the future.   


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