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Whitstable at War - World War II

Other Services & Bases


Observation Points


Some lofty locations of the town were used to spot and report incoming danger... 


I recall ARP Wardens in All Saints Church tower looking out for planes, doodlebugs and other items.

Bill Dancer
British Columbia

Below: All Saints Church today 


Special training was provided to enable the personnel to identify the different types of aircraft.

All Saints wasn't the only building used. The Castle was involved as Christine Punter explains from New Zealand.....


Mum worked on Fire Watch at the Castle, watching for incendiary bombs. 

Christine Punter
New Zealand

Below: The Castle today 


ARP Location....


Other public buildings were also put to some odd uses.... 


During the war, the changing rooms at Westmeads Recreation Ground were used as an ARP Post. It was from here that we collected our large square can that was to be filled with water and placed at the front of the house.  


 View Today: The Changing Rooms at Westmeads


Nearly every house had one. It had a round hole at one corner of the top in which a stirrup pump could be placed in case of an incendiary fire.

John Harman


Home Guard Base 


Very close to the recreation ground, the Drill Hall was used as a base by the Home Guard.

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